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Hey, Students!   How about being the real game-changers at the next bar crawl?

Instead of just attending it, why not lead the pack?   Here's why:

  1. Be the Boss: Develop your leadership and organizational skills. Who doesn't love a leader, right?

  2. Meet the Movers and Shakers: Get to network with a diverse crowd, including industry insiders. It's not what you know, but who you know, remember?

  3. Boost Your Resume: This will look really cool on your resume. It's not just another academic achievement; it's real-world experience.

  4. Learn the Ropes: Get hands-on experience about event management. A great asset for your future gigs!

  5. Become a Community Hero: Help build a strong, fun-loving community. Who said you can't make a difference?

  6. Boost Your Confidence: Take charge, solve problems, make decisions - it's a confidence booster like nothing else.

  7. Have a Blast: Volunteering can be more fun than attending. You'll be in the heart of all the action.

  8. Earn MONEY for your Sorority or Fraternity: Just share your AFFILIATE LINK and your sorority or fraternity will get $2.00 for every shirt sold, via your link!~  If you're not in a sorority or fraternity, we have a link for you too...   that way, everyone gets a piece of $$ from everyone who buys a t-shirt, thereby contributing to your bottom line when drinking at the crawl!

  9. Talk the Talk: Improve your communication skills as you interact with various people.

  10. Know the Law: Learn about the legal aspects of organizing events. Knowledge is power!

  11. Get Professional Experience: Gain valuable experience that could be your stepping stone into the professional world.

  12. Master the Business Side: Understand the business aspect of events. It’s a lesson books won't teach you!

  13. Promote Responsibility: Play a crucial role in encouraging responsible drinking. The party doesn't have to end in a mess.

So,  are you ready to switch from being just another attendee to a rockstar Ambassador? Sign up now, and let's make the next bar crawl the best one yet!

Everything you need to know in order to register to be a great Ambassador...
is on this page!



Thanks for registering.

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