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National Bar Crawls is throwing  the Midwest's largest bar crawl ever on September 30, 2023. We’ll be visiting five different colleges in one day,  giving you the opportunity to see your friends at other schools partying right along with you!   Experience five different and unique nightlife scenes in one night via social media and live streams from other parties!

Order your T-SHIRT now for an unforgettable night and lets make memories that will last a lifetime.

TICKET SALES END SEPTEMBER 15th for processing!

  • Oct 26, 2024, 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
    Chicago, Chicago, IL 60636, USA
    🌸🍻 Calling all campus party-goers and health advocates! 🌸🍻 Get ready for a night of fun, friendship, and raising awareness at the electrifying 'Booze for Boobs' bar crawl! 🎉🎈 Join us as we paint the town pink and celebrate life while promoting breast health. Let's make a difference together!

Who We Are

Welcome to National Bar Crawls, where your t-shirt becomes your all-access ticket to an epic night out! Join our vibrant community of college and university students as we take you on a thrilling adventure through the hottest nightlife spots in the city.

No more hassle with tickets or entry procedures – simply don your specially designed t-shirt, and you're set to explore a curated selection of trendy bars and top-notch clubs. We've tailored this experience to suit the tastes of college and university students like you!

Immerse yourself in an electrifying atmosphere, filled with laughter, cheers, and camaraderie. Our interactive games, challenges, and surprises will make this a night you'll never forget!

Don't miss out on the ultimate college and university party experience. Embrace the joy and excitement at National Bar Crawls – let your t-shirt be your ticket to an unforgettable night of pure fun and celebration!

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Ambassador Alexa L.

"Go Gophers"

Being a brand ambassador for National Bar Crawls has been a total blast! From the start, I could feel their passion for creating amazing memories and bringing people together. The energy they bring to every event is contagious, and it's been an absolute honor to represent them and the coolest bars in town.

As a college student and sorority member, the partnership has been a game-changer. Not only did it introduce me to some incredible new places, but it also helped me connect with other students who share similar interests. 

I'm beyond grateful to be a part of the National Bar Crawls family, and I can't wait for the next adventure. If you're a college student and a memeber of a frat or sorority looking for an unforgettable experience, trust me, you've got to join one of their bar crawls – it's a total blast!

Morgan Wilson, ASU

"Go Devils"

Being an introvert, I wasn't sure if a college bar crawl was my scene, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try. I must say, it turned out to be an incredible night of self-discovery and personal growth.

The carefully chosen bars offered a diverse range of atmospheres, from cozy speakeasy-style pubs to modern lounges with a more intimate setting. This allowed me to find spaces where I felt comfortable engaging in conversations with small groups of people rather than being overwhelmed by large crowds.

Surprisingly, the bar crawl became an opportunity for me to break free from my shell and interact with fellow participants in a relaxed and unpressured environment. The activities and games were enjoyable and helped to create a friendly ambiance, encouraging everyone to connect on a deeper level.

Additionally, the bar crawl guides were understanding and accommodating, ensuring that everyone's needs were met throughout the night. They made sure that introverts like me didn't feel left out and were always there to initiate conversations if we felt hesitant.

This college bar crawl turned out to be more than just a night of drinks and fun; it became an experience of self-discovery and personal growth. I'm truly grateful for the opportunity, and I recommend it to anyone, introvert or extrovert, looking to step out of their comfort zone and embrace new experiences.

Karigan H., Manager

Euphoria Nightclub

Partnering with National Bar Crawls was  one of the best decisions we made for our nightclub! Our club was buzzing with energy as participants from all walks of life joined the crawl. The seamless organization and enthusiastic participants created an unforgettable night for everyone involved. It significantly boosted our visibility and attracted new regular customers. We loved the creative bar crawl themes that brought excitement and variety to each stop. The positive feedback from patrons has been overwhelming, and we can't wait to collaborate with National Bar Crawls again!
"Get ready to unleash the party animal within you with 'Your Tshirt is Your Ticket' - the ultimate passport to the most thrilling bar crawl in town! This isn't just a tshirt, it's your golden ticket to a night of unforgettable memories and camaraderie. Each purchase grants you exclusive access to all participating bars, opening the doors to a world of fun, frolic, and fantastic drinks. So, why wait? Slip into this comfy tee, and let the adventure begin. Remember, no tshirt, no entry. Grab yours now and gear up for a night you won't soon forget!"

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